“Araxie is a passionate and inspirational teacher whose lessons emphasize not only the technique and artistic quality of your music, but your overall appreciation for the art form on the whole.  Thank you for helping me develop a continuous love for music!”  Jennifer L.

“I have studied with Dr. Altounian to prepare for my ARCT teacher diploma. She has shown me how to analyze music in a very precise manner, and taught me how to fix some difficult technical challenges. Her passion in teaching reflected in the amount of preparation she did before each lesson.  She has transformed me as a piano student and young teacher.” Sandra L.

“Working with Araxie helped my technique improve greatly, and she instilled a good learning attitude in me, which helped me understand music better and ultimately grow in appreciation of the art that I didn't have before.” Louis Ch.

“I have been a piano student of Araxie's for almost 10 years. Even after completing my RCM examinations, I have continued to pursue piano as a hobby with Araxie due to her passion for music and her dedication to her students. Her teaching places an emphasis on understanding the stories behind the music and the composer (a quality that is unique and refreshing to see) which not only helps me interpret and shape my playing, but also enables me to develop an appreciation for the music.” Nicolle Y.

“Araxie was my piano teacher and mentor for 6 years. She is a skilled educator whose approach to teaching music equally emphasizes style, musicality and technique. She goes beyond the syllabus, providing context to each piece, and encouraging her students to seek musical experiences outside of their lessons. Above all, Araxie shares not only her vast knowledge and wisdom with her students, but also her genuine love of music.” Allyshia S.

I Have Confidence !

I have confidence from quite an interesting story. I had absolutely no confidence in playing the piano before, because my previous piano teacher said I had no talent even though I have perfect pitch. I started to dread every piano lesson, until my mom found a new teacher for me, Dr. Araxie Altounian. So here it goes.

At every piano lesson, Dr. Altounian was very patient with me and always encouraged me. She taught me ways to play the piano confidently and steadily like using words I could remember to keep the beat, how to shape a piece and many more. Gradually I started to like my piano lessons and I was willing to practice even more without my mom forcing me. One day, Dr. Altounian encouraged me to participate in the Richmond Hill Music Festival. I was so worried because I had never been to ANY festival before. I was so nervous and excited. I practiced hard until the day, November 18th. By that day I had practiced so hard that if someone hung me upside down I could still play it. The first piece I played was Solo in F Major. I played it but then I made a small mistake. I was so worried after I finished. Would I get a place? Finally when it was time to announce the winners, I felt my palms getting sweaty. When the adjudicator announced third place, I was stunned. I had won third place! I tried to say thank you but no words came out. In my second round, I was competing against one of my school classmates. I was worried because my classmate had won numerous prizes, but then I remembered my teacher’s encouragement. I could do this! Finally as I finished my piece, the adjudicator commented that I really painted a picture for the audience. Then the adjudicator said that he would announce the places in the order we played. I was the last one to play so I heard that 1st, 2nd but not third were taken. I had to be third again. What? As I heard the person before me take third I became even more nervous. But then as I heard my name being called, the adjudicator announced I had been tied in first place! I was overjoyed. The first thing my mom did was to call my teacher and thank her for giving a chance to me. I had gained confidence that day. 

Just like the song “I Have Confidence” in the Sound of Music, “I have confidence the world can all be mine.”

Victoria H. (9), in: “Headlines”, December 2011.

“For the formation of the artist, the first prerequisite is the improvement of the human being.” – Franz Liszt